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Pumpkin Shaped Vegetable Platter

Healthy, Party, Ready to Eat, Staple | Healthy Recipes | Vegetables | Vegetable Sides


4 Gourmet Carrot Sticks 1 Gourmet Cucmber Sticks 1 Gourmet Dip it Tzatziki
1 Greek Kalamata Olives 1 Cucumber
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  • 1X
    Gourmet Tzatziki
  • 4X
    Gourmet Fresh Cut Carrots
  • 1X
    Gourmet Fresh Cut Cucumbers
  • 1X
    Wadi Food Kalamata Olives
  • 1X
    Cucumbers, Belco
  • 1X
    Greek Kalamata Olives
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  1. Map out a shape of a pumpkin on a large tray or platter with carrot sticks leaving two circle holes for eyes and a triangle for the nose
  2. Fill the two holes with two bowls filled with Gourmet dip it Tzatziki
  3. Fill the triangle nose with pitted Kalamata Olives
  4. Draw a smile with the cucumber slices below the nose
  5. Add cucumber sticks at the top to resemble a stalk
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