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Mustard & Molasses Glazed Salmon with Lentil Salad

Staple | Dinner | Fish | Seafood

4 Pieces Norwegian Salmon Steaks 1 Pack Gourmet Lentil & Sweet Potato Salad 1 tbsp. Gourmet Molasses
1 tbsp. Grainy Mustard 1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/4 tsp. Maldon Sea Salt
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    Norwegian Salmon Steaks
    2 Pieces - 360g
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    Gourmet Molasses
  • 1X
    Gourmet Lentil & Sweet Potato Salad with Feta Cheese
  • 1X
    Maille Mustard Ancienne
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  1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees
  2. Season salmon steaks with olive oil and a pinch of salt
  3. Whisk molasses & mustard for glaz and brush over salmon
  4. Roast in oven for 12 to 14 minutes, until flakey
  5. Serve on top of Gourmet lentil & sweet potato salad 
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