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Egyptian Baladi Beef Ribeye Roast


Cooking Instructions:
  1. Fully defrost your beef by moving it from the freezer to the fridge
  2. Season your meat; we recommend only using salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil to preserve and bring out the juicy flavour of the beef
  3. Pat-dry using a kitchen towel to remove all moisture
  4. Optional: caramelize the roast by putting it in a skillet, or if it is too big, blast on high in the oven for 10-15 minutes before lowering the temperature
  5. Place your roast fat side up
  6. Baste your roast with its own juices or with butter every 15-30 minutes (Make sure to be quick as to not lower the oven’s temperature)
  7. Rest your roast for 30 minutes to an hour before slicing and serving
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